Leading surgical professional services solution, providing both clinical focus and business expertise across multiple specialties

Universal Surgical Assistants is the leading surgical services solution to the professional needs of surgeons and healthcare facilities.

Our Surgical and Physician Assistants are trained across multiple specialties.

Our goal is to improve productivity and efficiency by enhancing the delivery process while simultaneously maintaining excellence.

For us, the top priority is patient safety in the operating room while reducing the facility’s cost of staffing. Universal ensures quality by providing surgeons with consistent surgical assistant services for the safest patient outcomes.

Our Mission

To achieve superior patient outcomes by providing the right skills in a time-efficient manner, through expert contributions from our Surgical and Physician Assistants.
Our goal is to improve productivity, efficiency and patient safety in the operating room while also reducing costs. We ensure Surgeons the quality and consistency of surgical assistant services. Universal Surgical Assistants provides advocacy for the professions of Surgical Assistants and Physician Assistants, attractive employment culture and opportunities, and promotes patient satisfaction and improved outcomes.

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