We Are the Premier Surgical And Physician Assistant Service Provider In The State Of Texas, Dedicated To Delivering Exceptional Continuity Of Care. Our Focus Lies In Providing Expert Surgical And Physician Assistance Across A Wide Range Of Surgical Specialties.

Universal surgical assistants is committed to providing surgical training and modern techniques to surgical and physician assistants, eager to become leading surgical providers in surgical specialties

At the forefront of our mission is achieving superior patient outcomes while mitigating risks in day-to-day healthcare operations. We take pride in offering surgical training and modern techniques to aspiring surgical and physician assistants, empowering them to excel in various surgical specialties, including robotics. Upholding the ethics of total care philosophy, we emphasize collaboration between surgeons, patients, and support teams to achieve excellence in care. Our providers are dedicated to delivering high-quality care, placing patient well-being above all else.



With Over 30 Years Of Combined Healthcare And Business Experience, Universal Surgical Assistance’s Executive Team Is Dedicated To Two Key Priorities: Delivering Superior Patient Outcomes In The Operating Room And Alleviating Surgeons’ Operative Workload.


We comprehend the intricacies of providing quality healthcare and leverage our extensive medical experience to proactively adapt to changes in healthcare delivery for the benefit of our clients and assistance. Our management team’s expertise spans various areas including hospital administration, regulatory affairs, compliance, legislation, recruitment, retention, training, management, scheduling, insurance, patient billing, payroll, and more. We maintain strong affiliations to ensure that our surgical physician assistants are well-trained and proficient in the latest medical knowledge and surgical techniques.