Empowering Better Surgical Outcomes: Personalized Care Every Step of the Way.

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Our Surgical and Physician Assistants undergo extensive training to coordinate specialized patient care across a wide range of surgical procedures. Committed to a total care philosophy, our team prioritizes the well-being of surgical patients. We actively engage in innovative care by partnering with surgeons in robotic procedures and collaborating across multiple specialty surgical disciplines.

Our assistants are fully equipped with the latest surgical technology and techniques to ensure superior outcomes for our patients. Additionally, our cardiothoracic Surgical and Physician Assistant team collaborates with cardiac surgeons who bring over 30 years of experience to their practice, further enhancing the quality of care provided throughout their careers.


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Our Services

Our Surgical and Physician Assistants undergo comprehensive training in enhanced pre and postoperative care, which includes thorough screening for risk factors. By identifying and addressing these risk factors early on, our team aims to facilitate better surgical outcomes for our patients. This integrated approach to care ensures that patients receive personalized attention and support throughout their surgical journey, ultimately leading to improved overall results and patient satisfaction.

Multidiscipline Special Team

Our Surgical and Physician Assistants are highly trained across multiple specialties.


At Universal Surgical Assistants, our Cardiothoracic Surgical and Physician Assistants are leaders in innovative cardiac care. With expertise in procedures like endoscopic vein harvesting, we prioritize patient well-being. Our team has supported over 20,000 successful cardiac surgeries in the past decade, utilizing cutting-edge technology for optimal outcomes.


General surgery involves managing diverse diseases across preoperative, operative, and postoperative phases, often requiring surgical or non-surgical interventions. Surgeons and teams undergo extensive training to handle conditions affecting multiple organs, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and leadership capabilities.


Orthopedic Surgery addresses musculoskeletal issues, from joints to tendons, with procedures varying from minimally invasive to amputation. Highly trained US surgeons and teams ensure patient safety and successful outcomes. Post-surgery, immediate rehabilitation follows, guided by a detailed recovery plan crafted by physicians and surgical assistants.


Our team utilizes Robotic Surgery, harnessing AI technology for superior patient care. Surgical and Physician Assistants undergo specialized training in robotics, augmenting our surgeons' capabilities. By merging technology and expertise, we prioritize patient satisfaction and strive for surgical excellence, aiming to enhance quality of life through health restoration.


In Spinal Neurosurgery, rapid advancements have broadened patient care possibilities. Our adept Assistants excel in these techniques, resulting in enhanced outcomes and shorter hospital stays. Specialization continues to fuel technological progress, emphasizing the pivotal role of Spinal Neurosurgery in contemporary healthcare.


OB/GYNs are highly trained physicians specializing in the medical and surgical care of the female reproductive system. In the US, they undergo rigorous education and training, meeting licensure requirements and staying updated on advancements in women's health and surgical procedures.


Our Surgical and Physician Assistants receive comprehensive training to manage diverse patient needs across various surgeries. With a focus on patient well-being, we embrace innovation by supporting robotic procedures and collaborating across specialties. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our team ensures excellent surgical outcomes. Partnering with experienced cardiac surgeons, our cardiothoracic team delivers high-quality care backed by decades of expertise.

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At Universal Surgical Assistants, our team of Cardiothoracic Surgical and Physician Assistants are dedicated to improving patient health through revolutionary operative care. Utilizing techniques such as endoscopic vein harvesting while aiding surgeons in critical cardiac procedures, our Assistants are committed to their patients’ well-being. With a focus on cutting-edge technology in adult cardiac surgery, our team has a renowned reputation for leadership and expertise, having assisted in over 20,000 cardiac procedures over the last decade.


Robotic surgery enables our surgical provider teams to deliver a newer generation of artificial intelligence technology to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

Our surgical and physician assistants are trained in robotic surgical procedures. Robotically-assisted surgeries overcome the limitations of minimally-invasive surgical procedures, enhancing capabilities of surgeons.

We are furthering our mission to deliver excellence in surgical care and restore health to improve quality of life. Combining technology with dedication of our assistants to achieve one goal – PATIENT SATISFACTION


Neuro and spinal surgery has undergone rapid technological advances in the last decade which has increased the number of patients that can be successfully managed with spinal surgery. Our team of assistants is well-informed of the new surgical techniques along with the knowledge to execute them in these critical surgeries, leading to improved patient outcomes and decreased length of stay. The advancement in the field of neuro and spinal surgery has generated a high degree of surgical sub-specialization, that only serves to further drive the technological advances that highlight neurosurgery today.