As a locum tenens medical group provider, Universal TSurgical Assistants step in as medical staffing group for short-term vacancies because of mid-level-provider vacations and patient census fluctuations or periods of transition.


The diverse nature of locum tenens positions is appealing to many surgical assistants seeking a more relaxed and rewarding position in which they can help understaffed facilities. The ability to provide patient care in a variety of healthcare environments can make work more meaningful and fulfilling.



Working as a traveling surgical assistant can be very beneficial to your professional success, especially if you’re ready for a change in your day-to-day routine and more freedom to choose your schedule.

Just like with permanent positions, traveling surgical assistants can examine, diagnose, and treat patients in inpatient or outpatient settings. But these temporary assignments can add flexibility, extra income, travel benefits, and other lifestyle perks to your career options.

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Traveling surgical assistants can earn excellent salaries and have the opportunity to choose where and when they want to work, in part-time or full-time temporary assignments across the country. The salary rates and other benefits are guaranteed by contract.

Travel surgical assistant benefits may include:

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With openings for traveling surgical assistants rapidly increasing throughout the United States, we at Universal Surgical Assistants can match you with locum tenens SA jobs that complement your qualifications and goals.

Our team can help you with scheduling and location preferences. Whether you prefer to work close to home or wish to travel across the nation, or you prefer mostly weekends or longer assignments, we are prepared to work with you to find the perfect opportunity that fits your lifestyle and takes your skills further.